About us

The Equality Academy is committed to supporting conscious leadership in a diverse world through training, facilitation, coaching and consultancy. Our aim is to help you and your business to succeed congruently, by ‘walking your talk’ and living your core values.

“Working with The Equality Academy over the past 18 months to develop our Inclusive Leadership programme has enabled us to really deepen our understanding of the critical importance of putting inclusive leadership right at the heart of our organisational culture and practice” 

At the Equality Academy we also seek to ‘walk our talk’, to be congruent with our values of equality in diversity, inclusion and conscious leadership which brings out the best in ourselves and others.


Our team

Razia Aziz and Jess Taylor

Razia & Jess

Razia and Jess, and our specialist consultants – embodies many dimensions of the diversity.

It is a strength that adds value to everything we do.

Though we are a compact company, our network includes experienced consultants, trainers and facilitators from around the UK.