Changes at the Equality Academy


Re-shaping the future: EA appoints a new director

What’s new at the EA? After a fruitful few months working with the EA on a range of exciting new projects Jess Taylor, former lead consultant, becomes the newest member of the team as a director. With a wealth of experience in supporting organisations through culture change programmes, Jess is excited about joining the EA team and the new opportunities this will bring:

“As a coach, facilitator, researcher and culture change consultant, I am passionate about bringing organisational development and diversity & inclusion into a fruitful conversation with one another for the benefit of businesses and organisations big and small who care about their people, their clients and their impact in the world. Becoming a Director at the EA is a fantastic opportunity to bring the best of both OD and D&I into the workplace in innovative ways. I am thrilled to be at the forefront of the EA’s (r)evolution.”

Jess works from a perspective that promotes excellence, addresses complexity and understands the importance of social responsibility/justice in a joined-up world:

“With a particular specialism in women’s equality I have been concerned to learn of the widespread and on-going discrepancy in pay between men and women, as highlighted recently at the BBC. (Add link here from Facebook) Women (and men) of colour, and most recently women who are deemed to be overweight (add in link from guardian) are further discriminated against in terms of parity of pay. As well as being plain unjust, this is a waste of talent and a drain on performance – all things that we at the EA feel strongly about, and work with organisations to address”.

Founder Director, Razia Aziz, adds:

“Jess is the right woman in the right place at the right time to take the EA forward into unchartered territory, at the cutting edge of combining best D&I and OD practice, whilst continuing to provide top quality tried and tested approaches to more conventional training, coaching and consultancy”

Over the next few months watch this space for new and evolving programmes of ED&I work which support whole organisational change.

A message from Razia…

Plus ça change… Changes are afoot at the Equality Academy. As the times change, so do we. In this spirit, we announce the departure of Jonathan Heath, co-Founder & Director of the Equality Academy, a consummate equality and diversity professional and valued colleague & friend, who has left the world of consultancy for the world of four-wheeled travel! We wish him and his wife well on their adventures – may the road rise to meet them!

And we welcome into the Equality Academy, Jess Taylor, currently Lead Consultant, and heir apparent to Jonathan’s Directorial position.

With Jess taking the helm with Razia, the Equality Academy rings changes to our emphasis and our repertoire – changes which are perfectly in tune with developments in the world of Leadership, OD and L&D. Enlightened companies and agencies now have a greater understanding than ever of the essential role of fairness, diversity and inclusion in generating success in all three of these departments. We are right at the forefront of both ‘diversifying’ OD and Leadership, and helping to foster a seamless relationship between these interdependent aspects of organisational transformation.

However, let’s not forget – plus c’est la même chose – we are still the Equality Academy, with the same mission: to support conscious, intelligent and effective approaches to achieving fairness, excellence and learning in individuals, teams and organisations. We still offer consultancy which covers facilitation, training, coaching, audits and investigations. And to that we now add action learning, supervision and constellations.