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About us editAs subject matter experts in equality, diversity and inclusion, the Equality Academy consultants deliver bespoke, innovative programmes of training, coaching and consultancy at every level in organisations.  All our interventions are developed to meet your needs and learning objectives.   Each programme is unique, involving a blend of ingredients specific to you.

We are pro-active in seeking a partnership with you with clear agreed objectives and ongoing liaison to check our delivery is meeting those objectives.   

Our Training is available in the form of:

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1-2-1 Coach and Confidante Service:

Provides people seeking to lead on equality, diversity & inclusion at any level in the business with face-to-face or remote tailored individual learning, development and support. From a one-off ‘think aloud’ session to progress a pressing issue, to structured coaching over a year or more, we aim to be there for you, so you’re never alone with an equality, diversity or inclusion challenge.


We specialise in Audits and Reviews that go beyond compliance to emphasise best practice for improved performance.  Each intervention is designed specifically for your organisation, to address your current situation with due consideration of your existing framework and resources.

Audits and reviews are undertaken as:


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Get in touch:  Our work is the opposite of ‘off the shelf’; we seek to understand what is really required and to offer the best quality product or service.  Contact us now to discuss your requirements and to find out more about how we can help.

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Free 30 minute consultation:  We offer new clients a free, no obligation 30 minute telephone consultation to help you clarify some of the issues.

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