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Coaching & Mentoring Programmes

Positive change requires critical friends: people who can walk alongside and challenge, support and stretch you.

In our 1-2-1 leadership coaching and spiritual mentoring work we challenge each individual to be the best they can be, in a manner and at a level appropriate to their world.

To support organisational change and transformation, and introduce a culture of really useful talking and listening, which builds employee trust, confidence, talent and ‘buy-in’, why not consider introducing a mentoring programme available to all staff. The benefits to individuals, teams, performance, morale, innovation and the vitality of your business could surprise you. There are few interventions better designed to unleash potential at an individual or organisational level.


Workplace Issue Resolution

Independence helps to bring a fresh view to help solve issues and better resolve conflict within teams


Independent Workplace Investigations: can help you when you have a specific issue or grievance that requires delicate handling or offers impartiality, that an internal investigation cannot provide.   The impartiality can give a greater level of confidence in the process and effectively avoid future conflict.

Handling Conflict in the Workplace: help avoid future breakdown in workplace relationships and reduce fallout from conflict.  Interventions when an issue or conflict first arises or following structural change will help reduce the possibility of escalation.  Learn to handle difficulties, particularly those diversity specific issues before they become a problem.

Our handling conflict programmes include:

For a price quote, please email Razia & Jess at info@theequalityacademy.com.

In keeping with our commitment to equality of access, subsidies of up to 30% are available for small, unfunded, community and not-for-profit organisations.