Mentoring Programmes

Promote and support a mentoring culture:  challenge each person to be the best they can be.Coaching & Mentoring

The Equality Academy Mentoring Programme is developed the coaching and mentoring relationship to seed, grow and support such relationships for the benefit of your business, coachee and coach / mentee and mentor.

We work closely with you to tailor and align the Programme to your business strategy, organisational priorities and company development goals.

The result?


Duration:  15-18 months
Location:  In-house
Fees:  As a bespoke programme, developed to meet your unique requirements, we will provide full proposal including costs following initial consultation with you

We offer significant discounts to non-profits and smaller public and community organisations.

The Equality Academy coaching or mentoring programme, is a comprehensive package of support which includes:

This in house programme aims to:

Further support and additional service in addition to set up and supervision of a programme:

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How we have helped – Testimonials

‘Inspired! Exploring ‘where do we want to go to’ to achieve, to be authentic and to transform’
Trainee mentor

“It came to me the increasing understanding that it’s not just work skills but the life skills I bring to work and to reflect more deeply and about what I want from my work to move onwards.”
Trainee mentee