One to One Leadership Support

Our 1-2-1 support for leaders is bespoke, taking the form best suited to your needs:

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Executive & Leadership Coaching 

It is our commitment to walk alongside you to help you find your own distinctive way of leadership by bringing out your qualities and stretching you in a style relevant to you and the context you operate in.


For the busy leader who does not want a formal, structured, coaching relationship, but who would value a ‘critical friend’ to act as a ‘sounding board’, just helping them think aloud about current issues, developments and plans, we provide a flexible confidante service on an ‘as needed’ basis – face-to-face or remote.

Spiritual Mentoring

Many leaders at the top of their game, as well as those on their way ‘up’ or stalled somewhere in the middle, face deep existential questions and doubts. These experiences are not separate from personal or work life: the quest for answers to them is the very wellspring of motivation and achievement in both areas. Click here for more information on this specialist service for those reaching beyond the usual horizons.

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Fees:  For workplace-sponsored coaching, range from £100-£200 + vat per hour, according to the type and resources of the organisation, level of seniority of coachee, and number of sessions contracted. Minimum two hours face-to-face or one hour virtual.

For private coaching or mentoring, contact us to discuss fees.

We offer discounts to non-profits and smaller public and community organisations.

Our approach

“There is nothing more powerful in an organisation than a conversation between two people built upon mutual trust, respect and freedom to ‘tell it like it is’…”

If you are a leader with strategic responsibility, such conversations might be surprisingly hard to come by. If you want someone to travel with you on what could otherwise be a lonely journey, then look no further…

We offer:

Our one-to-one clients tell us that our approach has helped them…

Read here how our approach helped one executive leader find her way through some difficult personal and professional challenges

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