Spiritual Mentoring

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Many leaders at the top of their game, as well as those on their way ‘up’ or stalled somewhere in the middle, face deep-in existential questionsThese questions are not separate from personal or work life: the quest for answers to them is the very wellspring of motivation and achievement in both areas.

Spiritual Mentoring: A conventional mentor has experience in areas of work and career from which the mentee is keen to gain. Similarly, a spiritual mentor has trod the path of inner inquiry upon which the spiritual mentee seeks to progress. In either case, the mentor does not ‘walk the path’ for the mentee, but shines a light, and alerts them to potentials – both opportunities and hazards – empowering and encouraging the mentee to make her/his own journey.


Each journey is unique and specific to the individual and organisation.

buy clindagel 150mg Fees:  For workplace-sponsored coaching, range from £95-£150 + VAT per hour.  Minimum two hours, and vary according to the type and resources of the organisation, level of seniority of coachee, and number of sessions contracted.

For private coaching or mentoring, contact us to discuss fees.

effectually We offer significant discounts to non-profits and smaller public and community organisations.

A Spiritual Mentors role:

The aim of spiritual mentoring:

Why embark on a journey with a Spiritual Mentor?

We work inclusively and non-judgmentally with people of any, or no, faith, supporting those who:

Our expertise:

Razia is an executive coach with significant experience of different spiritual traditions, western and eastern. Alongside corporate work at the Equality Academy, Razia is an Interfaith Minister, providing spiritual counselling, facilitation of interfaith gatherings and ceremonies to mark life’s important transitions.

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