Equality Analysis for Best Practice


Equality Analysis for Best Practice WorkshopWWHH3 redited

While Equality Analysis (EA) is an inevitable requirement for public bodies, it can be a highly effective tool in any sector.  Meaningful EAs are a first base in good ED&I practice, they can enable your business to assess and improve its ED&I performance: for example, in attracting & serving diverse customers and in the recruitment, selection, management & development of a diverse and effective workforce.


This Equality Academy workshop will help you to:


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About the EA Best Practice Workshop:

Benefits of an EA with Engagement workshop:

Our EA with Engagement workshops ensure that Equality Analysis is more than a “tick-box” paper exercise: it equips participants to involve customers and staff in assessing and improving performance in equality and inclusion.  For all organisations, this positions you to attract and retain talent, remove barriers to performance and engage the widest possible range of customers.

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