ED&I Audits

Whilst it’s great to engage with diversity: it is risky to do it on shaky ground!

Establishing an equality, diversity & inclusion  framework is essential. Our ED&I Audit offers help create a stable foundation: the right context and environment for business improvement through taking a positive approach to customer and staff diversity.

ED&I Audit Levels

Our ApproachWe have different levels of Audit to suit all types of organisation at different points in their equality & diversity journey and audits are tailored to suit your needs and resources.  An audit may involve:

1. A desktop audit of your key organisational documentation

2. A mini-audit of internal culture & leadership, processes & procedures and communications, as well as key documentation

3. A full audit, which involves a fuller version of (2) plus interviews, surveys & focus groups with customers, and the possibility of mystery shoppers

At every level, we would seek to make recommendations and suggestions that will help your organisation both achieve legal compliance and come closer to best practice.


Duration:  Subject to requirements,  the depth and duration depends upon your needs and existing framework
Fees:   Full fee proposal supplied with initial recommendations following initial exploratory meeting

We offer significant discounts to non-profits and smaller public and community organisations.

A Full ED&I Audit provides:

How you will benefit from and ED&I Audit: