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Workplace Investigations

When things go awry at work, timely intervention can nip the issue in the bud and prevent problems further down the road.


You need a safe pair of hands…

Detailed workplace investigations can be gruelling, time consuming and stressful, for all those involved.  Using external investigators can make a lot of sense, and will often provide a far more impartial view that engenders greater confidence in the outcomes.

We can ‘hold your hand’ through the process, taking the heat out of the situation, inspiring confidence in the fairness of the process, ensuring  a careful methodical and properly conducted investigation, supporting HR staff who may be anxious or concerned about the extent of their knowledge & experience in certain areas.  HR is often – fairly or not – seen as an ‘arm of management’, representing the interests of the employer. We are independent and so not subject to the same assumptions.

The Equality Academy offers:

Our special expertise in equality and diversity, bullying & harassment-related complaints and safeguarding whistle-blowers and CQC compliance Investigations and oversee enquiries, can help restore working relationships and team dynamics and support you to proactively handle issues to avoid future conflict.

Confidence in the process:

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Purposeful leadership – New research by CIPD

Purposeful leadership: ‘the extent to which a leader has a strong moral self, a vision for his or her team, and takes an ethical approach to leadership marked by a commitment to stakeholders’.

New research by CIPD looks at the links between purposeful & ethical leadership, such as supporting good causes, taking care of employees, and being environmentally responsible deliver positive outcomes for an organisation & its employees that go beyond short term gains.

Read:  CIPD – Purposeful Leadership (June 2017) 


Tackling the bullies in the workplace

bullies in the workplaceWhen it comes to dealing with bullies in workplaces, it seems there is still quite some way to go.  A survey of 1,500 UK workers by CIPD in 2015 showed that 91% of respondents did not believe their organisations dealt well with bullying at work. Whether in the playground or in the workplace, bullying can be enormously distressing and disturbing for anyone on the receiving end.

It is time to dust down and review HR policies and consider the culture, structure and anti-bullying strategies.  These are essential in developing workplaces that offer better work and working lives.

Read the full World Economic Forum report, here


Build a positive culture to overcome bias in the workplacepositie culture

Biases can limit potential and opportunities and make work life challenging, leaders can help those in management roles to better handle biases and to use and develop human capital.  Positive psychology can enable workers to make their best contributions and be a blessing to the workplace.

Read:  Handling Workplace Biases: What Positive Psychology Can Teach Us (Huffington Post, 06/20/2017)


Latest News

Uber:  What happens you get it wrong!

Dismissals, New Appointment & CEO resignation

A toxic and aggressive workplace culture at Uber, which was exposed by a former employee, forced the company to undertake an internal investigation, resulting in dismissals and other disciplinary action and the appointment of new senior vice president, responsible for Leadership and Strategy.  Despite both, CEO  Travis Kalanick was forced, by investors to quit.

Uber fired 20 people in a harassment investigation

Uber were forced to undertake the investigation into its workplace culture after a former employee blogged about systemic sexism which was followed by a series of revelations about its toxic culture; that human resources ignored their claims and bad behaviour was often overlooked.  Uber bought in an outside law firm Perkins Coie looked into the allegations and undertake a thorough, detailed investigation.

According to Uber, the breakdown of the 215 complaints:

Read the full story

New role of VP of  Leadership & Strategy

Immediately prior to the announcement of results from the investigations, Uber announced the appointment of Harvard Business School professor, Frances Frei as senior vice president of leadership and strategy. The new role will focus on transforming organisational culture, help to create a better leadership team, through leadership coaching & support.  One of the issues highlihted by the investigation is the homogenous team, especially management, her role will include diversifying the management team. Read more

Not enough to save the CEO

Under pressure from investors, and despite the dismissals, disciplinaries and commitments to change, CEO Travis Kalanick resigned as CEO, but will stay on the board.   Read more

 ‘I have accepted the investors request to step aside so that Uber can go back to building rather than be distracted with another fight,’ said Kalanick in a statement.”


UK sport faces multiple claims of bullying and discrimination

Over the last few months we have seen alarming reports from a number of national sporting authorities into allegations of bullying and discrimination, including claims by medal winning Paralympic swimmers about their coach.  British Cycling, British Swimming, the GB rowing, canoeing and bobsleigh teams have all been involved in allegations and investigations into a ‘culture of fear’ where elite athletes have been belittled and criticised.


How to avoid issues & why it matters

Preventing sexual harassment in your workplace

Six helpful tips and helpful advice to help address and prevent issues of sexual harassment, reported by a US publication, The Globe and Mail following investigations into Fox News.

Read the article

The toll workplace bullying takes on your bottom line

With 75% of workers saying they have been affected by bullying at work, according to a study by the University of Phoenix, not only affects those being bullied but it affects team performance.

Read more


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