About our Culture Change Programmes

At the Equality Academy, we recognise that individual learning & development inputs can influence individual outlook, inform people and help to develop skill sets; but to make significant and lasting improvement in the effectiveness of teams and businesses requires culture change, and sometimes culture Transformation Training, Consultancy and Coaching can support culture change, but cannot alone achieve it.

Culture change is complex and unpredictable because it requires a shift in people’s individual and collective habits of interacting and communicating, many of which are unconscious or unintentional. Even thoroughly good and highly talented people can engage in poor or problematic work practices as a consequence of historically established patterns of behaviour.

Whenever we engage with a client, we are curious about the prevalent cultural ‘habits’ in the business – the unwritten rule book, the ‘way things are done here’. And we keep the question “What is helpful, or unhelpful, about these habits for the success of the business and the individuals & teams within it?” Whatever work our clients engage us for, we instigate and sustain this inquiry throughout our work with them, sharing our insights building them into coaching, training and consultancy work, and feeding back as appropriate.

However, businesses do approach us specifically to support their culture change programmes in response to a range of circumstances, such as re-structuring, re-location, undermining or challenging of management or leadership, or endemic bullying & harassment or discrimination problems.

They also increasingly show an interest in our mindfulness workshops, as part of their commitment to creating healthier workplace cultures.

Whatever your culture change, or transformation needs, we aim to look and listen deeply to what is ‘below the iceberg’ of your business, identifying:

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