Advancing Women’s Equality adds to Company’s Wealth and Global Growth

ParityMcKinsey Global Institute (MGI) has mapped 15 gender equality indicators which fall into four categories: equality in work, essential services and enablers of economic opportunity, legal protection and political voice, and physical security and autonomy. Tackling gender inequality will require change within businesses as well as new coalitions.

The report identifies gender initiatives can deliver significant benefits for organisations in myriad ways. Boosting gender diversity within their own operations could enhance companies’ staffing and talent; research suggests that increasing the presence and responsibility of women is correlated with improved company performance, and that there is a connection between the representation of women in leadership positions and corporate returns. Focusing on women as key constituencies could help firms enhance understanding of their customer base and target women consumers better.

Source: McKinsey Global Institute Sept 2015 – The Power of Parity