Gender Equality – A Good Practice Guide

The Gender Agenda

No company can afford to lose performance or talent through unnecessary barriers based upon out-dated ideas and practices. Equality of access, inclusion and opportunity for women and men is absolutely central to creating a well-performing business. We offer you some of our Top Tips for Good Practice, focusing on staff and HR issues, we use this as part of our gender equality program, applying it here to organisations where women are underrepresented.


Image: if you want the best, you have to attract them…

Application and Selection Process: check the fairness of your recruitment process in a number of different ways:

Training & Development:

Flexible Working

Dismantling Barriers

In order to dismantle barriers to realising potential, first identify them: produce a comprehensive workforce monitoring report across the seven principle
protected characteristics. Investigate the reasons behind any disproportionality, then devise and implement action plans to counter this. Tips for specific actions include:


Strategy & Leadership

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