Practical Tips for an Inclusive Leader

In this newsletter we highlight some of the many practical tips we give our clients working in Inclusive Leadership – here are three to start with, more to follow in forthcoming newsletters.

Our Approach1. Decision Making

When making decisions, how diverse are people whose view you seek? Consider not just identity diversity, such as ethnicity, gender, disability, religion etc, but also cognitive, functional and professional diversity –

  1. Companies in the top quartile for ethnically diverse senior teams are 35% more likely financially to outperform companies in the bottom quartile¹
  2. For every extra women added to male dominated UK senior team the company is 10% more likely to improve financial performance¹

2. Best Talent

Support diverse talent with mentoring, reverse mentoring, action learning and other learning & development formats

3. Challenging

Develop a culture that encourages non-judgmental challenge, including challenging conventional wisdoms – challenging based upon the idea of inquiry – rather than condemnation or blame. Walk your talk by being prepared to challenge others in this way, and accepting such challenges when they come your way.

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