Why Equality Diversity & Inclusion Training?

If there’s one thing we know inside out, it’s how to enthuse people about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – and how to equip them to take EDI forward in their role.

At the Equality Academy, we have a long and distinguished track record of delivery a wide range of equality, diversity and inclusion workshops and training in a way that is enjoyable, informative and engaging.

We specialise in EDI training for:

It is our daily training room experience that people at all levels of businesses who arrive at our (often mandatory) training events reluctant, sceptical, or even resentful, leave our sessions feeling positive, inquisitive and energised. Those who are already experienced in EDI leave feeling refreshed, revitalised and equipped with new perspectives and information to support their work. That’s what workshop and training participants tell us.

The people who engage us to deliver training, receive a bespoke and personalised service, as we respond together with them to the successes and challenges of classroom learning, and together roll out a positive message to support the business as a ‘learning organisation’.

Contact us with your training inquiry, and we shall be happy to discuss it with you.