Fairness in Recruitment & Selection


Improve your diversity:  Develop a fairer recruitment and selection strategy

The Equality AcademyWe integrate the latest research indicating how best to reduce the impact of unconscious bias and stereotype anxieties, as well as practical steps to minimise both indirect and direct discrimination.

It will help ensure recruitment and selection strategy (R&S) in your business is ‘equality proofed’ to be compliant with the Equality Act 2010 and your organisation’s own policies.

The Equality Academy Fairness in Recruitment and Selection workshops and coaching will:


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We offer a tailored blend of consultancy and training:

Develop your recruitment and selection processes, and you will benefit from:

A closer match between staff profile and customer base, enabling better understanding of the customer and an enhanced reputation.  You will be able to recruit from a wider pool of talent (and help retain that talent), whilst reducing your risk of litigation.

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