Leadership & Culture Change Programmes

friendly business team using tablet computer in officeLead your business through a time of uncertainty : Restructure, relationship breakdown, manage positive and negative changes

Culture change is not a linear process – business cultures are not like billiard balls, which can be struck accurately in a particular direction and will follow it faithfully.

Often you can be clear about what they want to achieve, but unsure of what exactly will help to lead your business through a time of uncertainty. We will work with you to understand your business – above and below the ‘iceberg’ as well as we can, and then to offer a blended response.



Each situation demands a different set of ingredients, and we expect these to be altered and refined as change takes hold.

We will provide a detailed proposal including fees following initial consultations.

A Culture Change programme offers a tailored combination of:

How we will help you achieve positive change

A positive outcome requires a close partnership between you and the Equality Academy. Both parties need to be willing to ask difficult questions together, sometimes getting unwelcome answers; to show flexibility and adaptability both in programme content and timing, and to be open to inspiration and innovation from unexpected sources.

This nuanced and sophisticated approach allows for the fine tuning your business and employees need and deserves and will help you to create the positive change you aspire to.

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