Training with Theatre


Stimulate debate and promote behavior change:  bring energy, fun and creativity to learning

Any of our training programmes can incorporate the highly engaging, upbeat, interactive learning format of the Equality Academy’s ‘Replay Theatre’ process. Skillfully facilitated, this learning tool brings work situations to life in an enjoyable and impactful way, ideal for promoting inclusive, diversity literate and non-discriminatory behavior in the workplace.

The Equality Academy Replay Theatre-based training events:


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Scenarios reflect everyday behaviors, promote ownership and foster recognition of how even small changes can transform relationships. We offer two forms of Replay Theatre:

Scipted Replay:  best for large groups (up to 100) of people in any role. Involves watching a fully scripted scenario, hot-seating characters, then re-playing – pausing each time learners wish to advise a character how to improve their behavior or response.

Improvised Replay: suitable for small groups or teams (6-8), with a good level of trust and a commitment to diversity or dignity. At least one actor plays a work-based character e.g. a team member attending a 1-2-1, and engages in improvised interactions with learners, whose goal is to support each other in managing the interaction as effectively as they can. Sensitively facilitated to build confidence and skills.

About Replay Theatre:

Benefits of Replay Theatre:

Help your people to think and reflect on their own behavior, recognise the impact of everything they do/don’t do and say/don’t say in the workplace and commit to more helpful behaviours.

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