Unconscious Bias


Recognise & overcome unconscious bias: understand the implicit associations we unwittingly make

Recognise the benefits of avoiding Stereotype AnxietyOAedited

Like the part of an iceberg below the waterline, unconscious bias helps to support our view of reality, but can also wreck our best attempts at ‘sailing through’ individual or collective improvement.  When we try, individually or collectively, to improve our diversity & equality performance we often have to contend with unconscious bias (UB), which is a natural – and probably universal – human tendency.

Both UB and its related phenomenon, Stereotype Anxiety (SA) arise from implicit associations.  Much of how we feel, think and act arise from implicit associations and related emotions, built upon historical data we have unwittingly absorbed throughout our lives.


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UB and SA can seriously damage customer experience and outcomes.  They can also play havoc with workplace relationships and culture, both in recruitment and selection processes and in the effective management & leadership of people. Our workshops work openly and clearly to shed light on our unconscious we can positively create a more inclusive working environment.

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