Workplace Issue Resolution


When things go awry at work, timely intervention can nip the issue in the bud and prevent problems further down the road. You need a safe pair of hands…

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We’re experienced and independent: we bring a fresh view which can help better resolve workplace conflict.

We are here to guide you to reach a fair assessment, urge positive behaviour and mend relationships



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We offer ILM endorsed Qualified Workplace Investigation, plus a range of related services to help resolve workplace issues, mend relationships and restore team goodwill, including:

The benefits:

Independence engenders greater confidence in the parties to complaint. You save time, stress and money.


‘Softer’ Resolutions

Difficulties in workplace relationships, particularly those involving allegations of discrimination, bullying and harassment, can erode morale and performance. Our skilled coaches and facilitators can work 1-2-1 or with a team to safely surface the thorny issues and encourage collaboration to find resolution in everyone’s interest.

The benefits: